Wellness Treatment

Wellness Treatment
Experience 90 minutes of transformative energy healing, personalized to align your chakras and rejuvenate your spirit with Reiki. This session includes a thoughtful consultation before and after, ensuring a tailored experience, and concludes with a special chakra gift, marking a journey towards balance and harmony within.
60 min | $150 120 min | $235
Discover the art of personalized wellness with our custom assisted stretching sessions, where every stretch is tailored to your body’s unique needs. By pinpointing areas of tightness and imbalance, we transform discomfort into freedom, enhancing your range of motion and flexibility over time, through multiple sessions. Experience the liberation and keep returning as you embark on a dedicated journey to a more flexible you.
30 min | $85
60 min | $175
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Please be aware that prices are subject to change without notice. Additionally, a 20% gratuity is automatically added to all services, not reflected in the listed prices. The Bar Harbor Inn and Spa is not responsible for the loss of personal items. Ensure you retrieve all belongings from your locker and robe pockets.

Bar Harbor's Beloved Shore Path

Due to major winter storms significantly damaging the Shore Path, there is ongoing construction along the waterfront.