Manicure & Pedicure

Indulge in a moment of self-care with our luxurious hand and foot pampering, featuring healing and hydrating natural products. Experience the elegance of Zoya’s vegan, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic nail polish system — free from formaldehyde and harmful chemicals, offering a high gloss finish without a UV lamp and drying rock hard in just 5 minutes. Please note, we do offer shellac, cured with a UV lamp, and do not offer gel or acrylic nail services or removals.
Delight in a classic manicure with skilled cuticle and nail grooming, enhanced by a soothing hand massage, and completed with the polish of your choice for the perfect finishing touch.
Enhance the classic manicure for complete revitalization with an exfoliating scrub and a rejuvenating massage. Your hands will be beautifully moisturized with an eco-fin treatment and polished with the color of your choice.
Delight in a classic pedicure with skilled cuticle and nail grooming, enhanced by a relaxing foot massage, and completed with the polish of your choice.
Immerse your feet in the warmth of a soothing pedicure bath, melting away dryness and softening calluses with our specialized treatment. Revel in comprehensive care from meticulous cuticle and nail grooming to an energizing scrub and a revitalizing mask. Luxuriate in an eco-fin foot treatment and a calming massage, paving the way to ultimate relaxation. Culminate this pampering journey with a splash of your chosen polish, leaving your feet beautifully rejuvenated and you feeling blissfully renewed.
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Please be aware that prices are subject to change without notice. Additionally, a 20% gratuity is automatically added to all services, not reflected in the listed prices. The Bar Harbor Inn and Spa is not responsible for the loss of personal items. Ensure you retrieve all belongings from your locker and robe pockets.