The Signature Spa Massage

Our custom massage session will address your needs by one of our certified massage therapists. They will incorporate a variety of techniques in this unique personalized service.
80 min. — $225

Swedish Massage

This soothing and relaxing massage will promote circulation and relieve stress. Swedish massage is known for its long, stroking movements and light pressure.
50 min. — $110 / 80 min. — $150

Therapeutic Massage

Our therapists use a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue methods to customize your massage, leaving your body well balanced.
50 min. — $125 / 80 min. — $180

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm to deep pressure massage will help to relieve troublesome areas, work out knots, and relax tight muscles.
50 min. — $135 / 80 min. — $190

Focus Massage

A great choice for the overworked and over-stressed: this massage allows you to choose an area where you are holding the most tension to focus on. This service is offered in Swedish or Deep Tissue pressure.
40 min. — Swedish $75 / Deep Tissue $95

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, warm basalt stones are placed on the body and incorporated in our Swedish massage to ease tension and sore muscles.
80 min. — $185

Prenatal Massage

This gentle massage focuses on the special needs of the mother to be, while utilizing organic and safe products throughout the session. This service is done with the mother in a side lying position for complete comfort.
50 min. — $130 / 80 min. — $185

CBD Massage

Our Therapeutic Massage is enhanced with CBD oil to promote muscle recovery, pain relief, decrease inflammation, and promote relaxation.
50 min. — $140 / 80 min — $195

Teen Massage

This massage is perfect for Teens between the ages of 14-17. A consultation will be done to determine which massage techniques will be best for the Teen to promote a relaxing and beneficial experience.
50 min. — $100

Cupping Therapy

This treatment is a form of ancient alternative medicine designed to stimulate blood flow, break up obstructions, and release toxins. Cups are placed on areas of the body that need focus work to mirror the benefits of Deep Tissue massage.
30 min — $75 / 50 min — $95

Couples Massage Suite

Choose any combination of massage services for a romantic and relaxing experience — complimentary upon request.

Add to any Massage

Salt Bath Experience: 20 min. — $50

Milk Bath Experience: 20 min. — $50

Steam Shower: 10 min. — $25

Aromatherapy: $15